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Unraid Freezing 6.3.3


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  I am having an issue with my server crashing. It happens very frequently (15min-1hr usually). It is hard to distinguish what is the cause, as once I have to reboot, I only see logs from the reboot forward.


Are there any tests you can recommend to run, or any way to get logs to store as things happen?



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It started out of the blue. No changes made on my end. I had a hack attempt a month or so ago, and some people here helped me resolve that. Since then, its been up and running. The other day, I couldn't access plex, so I checked, and it was offline. It was still powered on, all fans a-buzzin, but no connectivity. (I do not have a monitor hooked up to it). That, however, if my next step. The motherboard I used has 1 of the ethernet ports that cut out, so its possible the other is going bad. 

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