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Input/output error - cannot write to anything


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I was out of town for about 9 days, so I am not actually sure when this started but my unraid seems to be totally hosed.


Diagnostics are attached.

First, I had a drive fail - so if that's the source of this then simple enough i guess. Its still currently failed, until I can get the replacement.



My log file is filled with these entries:



Jul 3 15:35:01 ur01 emhttp: err: get_fs_sizes: /mnt/user/data statfs: Input/output error


for each of my shares. I tried to log in and touch a file on a user share, same problem - 


root@ur01:/mnt/user/data# touch test
touch: cannot touch 'test': Input/output error


I presume I should still be able to write with a failed drive, but maybe I am mistaken? Or is something else going on?


Thanks in advanced.


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