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Rebuilding my Server


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Good morning everyone. Yesterday the power company managed to fry my unraid server. After much checking, it appears my motherboard is toast. This is primarily my fault as a battery backup had not been at the top of my list as it should have been.


So, I have a few questions. I was running a much older version of unraid, 4. something I believe? It's been running flawlessly for 5 years now? Well since I need to replace my motherboard I figured it's time to upgrade to unraid 6. So I need some advice. Assuming my hard drives weren't affected, will I be able to add these to a brand new build using version 6 without compromising the data? I have almost 10 TB worth of stuff that I would be heartbroken to lose.


Next question, this is primarily a nas since I have multiple computers attached to various TV's in my house for playback. But I do use a laptop to login to unraid and perform various other tasks that I think a VM would handle much better? (I have zero experience with vm's so that's an entirely different issue.) I currently have a 6 drive setup but I would like to expand that. So I'm looking for motherboard recommendations with plenty of SATA connections, primarily nas but possibly basic vm abilities?


And lastly, any good guides anyone knows about for setting up with version 6? I haven't had to mess with it since version 4 and I'm pretty rusty.


Thanks everyone!

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Hi -


I'd recommend browsing through the Upgrade and FAQ threads as a starting point:

Regarding your hardware, are you trying to reuse your CPU and RAM, or replacing that as well?  And with regard to your data - it sounds like you need a good backup strategy. Remember than no form of RAID, including unRAID, is a complete backup strategy.

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