reiserfs problems, hardware seems ok, next step?

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A 6TB Red Pro drive with ~1000 hours has twice had write failures and reiserfs problems while running mover and once for no reason that's apparent to me. SMART short test shows no problems.


About 2 weeks ago while running overnight, mover caused several thousand reiserfs errors and unraid red-balled the drive. reiserfsck --check informed me to run --rebuild-tree. This took a very long time (10+ hours?) with the array in maintenance mode. All looked well afterwards, until a day later under normal use, unraid red-balled the drive again but without reiserfs errors. I replaced cables and moved the drive to a different controller and used data-rebuild to bring the drive back online. 11M writes and 15 hours later, the array came up and worked normally. Then, when running the mover, it failed again with reiserfs errors.


Is there any other way to further diagnose this problem besides running a long SMART check?



- Eric



reiser errors (mover).png


reiser errors (reiserfsck).PNG


reiser errors (SMART).PNG

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I am not an expert on reiserfs disks but I do think you need to post up your diagnostics files.   'Tools'   >>>    "Diagnostics'


But there are a couple of questions about your system which you should probably answer.  Are your reiserfs formatted disk almost full?  reiserfs disks have been known to have issues when they are nearly full. 


Note of information:  The developer of reiserfs is currently serving a life term (which began in 2008)  in prison for the murder of his wife .  As a result, development (and routine maintenance) on this file system has (for all intends) stopped.  Many folks have moved away from it and most of those are using XFS for their array drives.  If you look in the sticky's on this forum sub-section, you will find a thread dedicate to FS conversion.  (I just noticed that you are also using reiserfs on a 6TB drive and the very size of this drive may well be at the root of your problems.)

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Interesting advice, but has rfs really rotted such that it's no longer usable?


This 6TB drive has 750GB free so the "nearly full" theory doesn't apply. I have several other 6TB drives that *are* nearly full but have never had rfs problems. In fact, this is the only time I've seen this problem in seven years of using rfswith unRAID.


The array has been up and moving data around, including from/to this disk, for about 12 hours now. Mystery.



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ReiserFS has been used by uNRAID since the beginning, IIRC.  That said, reiserfs is no longer being developed and probably not much future maintenance since the creator is in prison.  I still use it on 8 out of 11 drives.  Post your diagnostics, perhaps there is more to this than just bashing of the file system because it not the latest and greatest.

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