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Pariah Scion

[SOLVED] Installing unRAID on a USB Flashdrive using Linux

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I'm not quite sure I know what the Creator tool or the Mac installer does when creating the USB flash drive for unRAID to install/access for the first time.


I want to know, because I will be creating the USB flashdrive from a Linux distro (Maui --> forked from Kubuntu).


I'm savvy enough to work basic CLI/Terminal commands (dd, cp, rm, etc.). And I can definitely look up any new commands as needed (probably end up on Stackoverflow).


So, my question is, with the unRAIDServer zip file, what EXACTLY is supposed to be happening with the files in the zip folder to get them from the zip folder to the flashdrive?


Further, getting the Key URL (I purchased mine; 12 attached storage devices) on to the flash drive... should I just use the mac installer?


Thanks all.

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Only ever used Windows to set it up, but AFAIK, you're going to be formatting a stick as FAT32 (with a label of UNRAID), extract the files from the zip onto the flash, then execute make_bootable_linux


The creator tool is Windows only at the moment.

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follow window or mac videos, drag and drop the unzipped contents to the thumb drive, then run the make bootable for your system.



for the key, once you have booted up, you'll first get to a window that will ask you if you want a trial or install key. the key you puchased was an emailed link. put that link in the key area. the os will validate it and install it.

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WOW... I'm not the brightest, as you all can see. I didn't even see that "make_bootable_linux" file... Ok. Thanks for the tips guys. I'm such a dunce!

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