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I received a brand new driver version directly from Highpoint support that is supposed to deal with the Marvel chipset/VT-d bug for RocketRaid HBAs. I do not know how to integrate this for even testing purposes, but support insists this driver was created specifically for this problem. Seems like a good idea to include this driver then.


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Is there a source for this driver?  I mean, I know that Highpoint have pointed you to this driver, but where did you get it from?  The link would be useful, as if this does make RC8 then being able to pull it from source will make compiling a lot easier.


The current drivers are for the R750 whereas this is for the RR276


@limetech Thought you might be interested in this one....

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Is there any kind of movement on integrating & testing this driver? This has been a long standing defect that might be corrected on at least highpoint controllers with this driver release. My ticket was closed about a month after, even though I indicated it required integration into your dist before I could test it, and I was never able to let them know if it resolved the problem or not.



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