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Plugin list takes a long time to load

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Thanks I just found this issue and turning off Dynamix notification fixed it.

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If the plugins page was solely used for updating the plugins, this might make sense.  But having to wait for update checks across all plugins everytime i need to open the page to interact with one is asinine. I understand want to make sure an update is actually needed before attempting it, but that should be invoked just before the update takes place - not everytime a page is loaded independent of whether the user is intending to update the plugin.  If you feel this has to happen everytime an update page is shown, then there should exist a plugin update page separate from the plugin settings/configuration page.

Your assumption that the plugins page is being visited to apply updates every time its opened is myopic and another example of 'it worked on my machine' perspective.

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There is a workaround though.


Disable dynamix checking for plugin updates.  Install CA Auto Update Applications and have it set to check for updates on a schedule.  You can then set it to either auto update the plugins, or not install the updates.  The plugin page will then load faster, and still show if there is an update available as of the last time it was checked.


But, the caveat is that if the author pumps out another update between the time that it was last checked and when you go to install it, then it won't install the last version (unless you manually hit check for updates).  Personally, I'm of the theory that my time is precious, and I tend to trust the authors to release good versions (or quickly fix their mistakes), so I just have Auto Updates enabled so that I don't have to think about things....

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