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[REQUEST] Traefik reverse proxy

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On 6/2/2018 at 4:36 PM, primeval_god said:

Before everyone jumps ship from traefik here, I want to chime in and say that i believe there is a way to shore up the security to an acceptable level. Unfortunately i haven't gotten it to work quite yet. I believe the key lies in a program called docker-proxy-acl which provides can restrict access to certain endpoints on the docker socket. At the moment traefik does not function correctly through this proxy but I hopeful that the issue can be fixed in short order.

Check out the docker-proxy-acl container available here https://hub.docker.com/r/dcflachs/docker-proxy-acl/ . I believe that it prevents the type of attack described above. This particular container has a version of docker-proxy-acl that supports traefik, which requires the containers, info, version, networks, tasks, events and services endpoints.

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How do I change the backend url that traefik points towards? The gui says "" however the docker is actually accessible on "". Any help is greatly appreciated.


Edit: Never mind, seems to be an issue with my comcast router not with traefik.

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Hi, has someone figured out how to use Traefik with e.g. Booksonic.

What I'd like to do would be to redirect to the address, e.g. when calling booksonic.<domain>.duckdns.org.

Currently Traefik redirects to but not to


How do I need to setup Traefik to achieve this?

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5 hours ago, Tuumke said:

Anyone else having issues that traefik is really slow?

Slow in what way? I have been generally pleased with the performance of Traefik, however i have noticed that it recently seems slow to see and update new docker configurations and occasionally misses them all together. I am fairly certain that mine is a setup issue with the docker socket proxy i am using however.

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