v6.3.5 - Next steps after write errors on a disk, followed by write errors on its replacement

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Thursday night, I noticed a Red X on Disk 5.  This disk was an old 2TB drive on an array otherwise filled with 5TB drives, so I assumed it was going bad and just needed to be replaced.


On Friday, I replaced it with a new 5TB.  I know it had completed at least 2 hours of rebuilding without any issues, but on Saturday, I looked and the new Disk 5 had a Red X for write errors.


I use Rosewill 4-in-3 drive cages, so with errors on both an old and new disk in the same slot, I'm betting (hoping) that it's probably something like a loose cable versus the drives actually being bad.


What are the recommended next steps from this point?  Can I shut down, check for cable issues, and restart?  Or is it more complicated than that?  Do I need to change this disk again to try to force a new rebuild?


Diagnostics are attached.  Any advice is appreciated.


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On 8/27/2017 at 2:45 PM, musicmann said:

I assumed it was going bad and just needed to be replaced.

This is often a bad assumption. Connection issues are much more common than bad disks.


If you could get us a SMART report from the original disk we could advise whether it can be used again.


There is no way to reset disabled. You must either rebuild the disk or new config and if you new config you should rebuild parity instead.


Try this:

Unassign the disabled disk.

Start the array without it.

Stop the array. 

Reassign disk.

Start array to begin rebuild.


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