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Virt-Manager docker install worked fine for me---running well.


The main reason I wanted to run Virt-Manager is for ***snapshots***. I do a lot of development on my VM's that are sometimes risky and the only way to protect myself from my risky moves is frequent, manual snapshots---which I cannot do easily with the UNRAID supplied system. 


The snapshot feature works as I would like---except that the snapshots are all gone if I have to reboot the UNRAID host. I kinda-sorta understand why.....(probably unsuported VM data which lives in the ram file system) .....but I really don't understand how to prevent this from happening. 


Anyone figure out how to make Virt-Manager snapshots persist between UNRAID host reboots?  Thanks so much in advance for any help!!




Found this and got it to work--sorry I didn't find this earlier:

I am noticing though that the script creates a seemingly infinite nesting of /mnt/cache/domains/save/save/save/save/save -- and the same for the same for the "snapshot" folder. 

I'm not a scripting expert. Anyone see why this might be happening and how to stop it? The script does what it is supposed to do---my snapshots are persistent now. Hurray and thank you!

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found solution

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