Stable CPU+MB for 2-3 VM's w/ HW pass-through

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Have searched, read, etc. which has helped me narrow down choices.  Wanted to bounce my thinking off folks and hear some guidance. My goal is to consolidate HW to a single chassis (currently have unraid w/ Sempron 145 and separate Phenom 2 X4 955 w/ Win10 + Win10 VM) that supports my needs.  Overall I think my general needs are:

+ 1-2 Win10 VMs for general browsing and other tasks but no gaming (but would like HW pass-through to future proof)

+ Support 1-2 other VMs at times (Linux, etc.) but low usage

+ Some basic dockers (e.g., Deluge+VPN)


I was thinking a Xeon E3-1275 v6 would be good with, but worried I wouldn't have much breathing room - or am I overly worried given my needs?  If not, then I was considering i7-5820K but it wouldn't allow ECC (...I've survived last 6 years on Unraid without it though), or on the higher end the E5-1650 V4.  And then depending on CPU, what motherboard?  


Thanks in advance for help/suggestions!

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looks like you can live without very powerful CPU if you avoid Plex trans-coding for example.. main difference between E3 and E5 will be PCIe lane count - how much PCIe Slots and their speeds will be on the MB. and for the MB i would suggest Supermicro..  

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