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unRAID becomes unresponsive

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Hey all, I can't pin this on a time frame or anything, but randomly, the server will become completely unresponsive. WebGUI = no go. Can't SSH in either. Even using IPMI, where I can see the console, I type in "root" and it just hangs there without doing anything.


Attached are the diagnostics, I've also been running Troubleshooting Mode with the Common problems plugin, but don't see anything in there that would cause this.


Any help would be awesome, as I just can't seem to pin this issue down and I'm forced to hard reset the server. 


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Since no one else has responded, I thought I would toss out some questions and observations to you. 


First, when did you capture this attached diagnostics file-- right after a reboot or just before the last lockup?  In all probability, your problem is not software related.  More likely, it is a hardware related issue.  To help eliminate software, please provide a list of your plugins, Dockers and VM's that are running when you experience your next crash.


Second, you said you were running the 'Fix Common Problems' plugin in the troubleshooting mode, you do know that it will be writing logs to the logs folder/directory on your flash drive.  Post up the last logs that it wrote there and note the time between these short logs. 


Third, have you run a Memtst for 24 hours?  This is an option on the unRAID boot menu.



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Hey Frank1940, thanks for your detailed response. I captured the diag file right after reboot. Right now I'm in safe mode with no plugins running to see how well it works.









Attached is the log file that FCP keeps in logs folder. Attached are the recent zips as well from 10/1 when it last crashed. It takes logs every 30 mins I think. I've ran a memtest for an hour or so. I guess I'll go the 24-hour route.








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Let it run in the Safe Mode and see what happens.  You can try the 24 hour memtst if you get a lockup.  The temperatures looked fine so it would seem that you don't have any heat issues.  Power Supplies can sometimes cause issues but I can't recall seeing anyone reporting that a bad PS causing a lockup.  (I have heard of two or three cases of PS's causing a complete shutdown--including one of my servers.)

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So it's been running 4 days without issue in safe mode. 


I'll see how it runs for another week or two before thinking it's almost definitely a plugin (Dockers and VM runs in safe mode)


If it's a plugin,what would be the suggestion? Just starting from fresh? 

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You might provide a list of plugins if it continues to run.  Double check that all of your plugins are currently being actively supported.

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Well, I gutted and started from fresh. Been running flawlessly for a week now. I guess something was up with the OS.


Thanks for the awesome help Frank1940. Appreciate it.

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