Docker App Installs Freeze up/Hang Issues


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I have a new install of unRAID. When I try to install an app (Krusader or Plex for example) unRAID freezes for a while. Basically, I click the install button below the app in community applications. I setup the config, and then we I accept it goes to a white screen (with the unRAID banner still at the top) and it stays here for 5-8mins. Chrome asks if I want to kill the tab process because it's not responding. I hit wait and after the 5-8 mins, it finally shows the add container screen and pulls the container and presents the "done" button. After this the app functions more or less normally. Though for Krusader it has completely locked up twice when trying to transfer several terabytes of data.


This setup was working flawlessly, but then I wanted to try windows + snapraid/drivepool out. I wasn't happy with that setup, so I have now purchased unRAID and moved back. The only thing I have changed in my setup is the cache drive. I upgraded the Crucial M4 240GB SSD to a WD Blue 1TB. Other than that, the setup is identical, but now I have these issues. My WD SSD is new, but I bought it on ebay. When I first installed it, it showed 0 power-on hours, but I didn't look at reads and writes. After moving about 20TB to the server it shows 141,797 reads and 772,168 writes. Is that normal? Just wondering if it is indeed new. Screenshots attached.


Any insight? Here are the specs:




HP Z230 motherboard

LSI SAS9201-16i


2 x WD 8TB Reds (Parity)

8 x WD 6TB Reds

1 x 1TB WD Blue SSD cache drive

Sandisk Cruzer Fit boot drive

Seasonic G-Series 650w

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.48.47 AM.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.49.18 AM.jpg

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