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Possible Swap

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So right now i have a desktop and a server.


My desktop has Intel I5 4590 and my Server has Ryzen 1700.


I was thinking about possibly switching the 2. I currently have 2 VM's which is Ubuntu server and Windows 10. Truth be told i dont need to run either because i am also running a raspberry Pi that i run my scripts on. I feel like the Ryzens power is wasted on the server when i could be using for gaming. Also i have 2 670 FTW graphic cards  but cant use them in desktop because the motherboard for my desktop is micro atx so it doesnt have support for it.


Would i be able to run Unraid with 4590? If i still wanted to run a virtual machine(No hardware passthrough) is it possible?


Dockers used:








Main use of server is for plex(No 4k just 1080p with possibly 2 streams at once)

You are are the experts could i get away with the I5 as server GPU?

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Games are typically not very multi-threaded, and do benefit from high clock speeds.  Due to that Intel is still usually the better gaming platform, but you might want to read up on how well Ryzen would do with your games.

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I mean i only play cs go,League of legends and pubg lol. But main reason for switch would be because my motherboard in server allows for SLI but my Desktop one does not. So the benefit for gaming would be for the SLI. I just wanna make sure the I5 can handle the server still

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The Core i5-4590 has 4 cores, no hyperthreading, and runs 7239 Passmarks.  I think it could easily handle unRAID with the Dockers you list including 2 streams for Plex and that includes transcoding.  Running a VM would get more interesting.  In theory unRAID needs at least 3 cores for itself to run those Dockers plus a couple of transcodes.  For performance sensitive VMs people are pinning (dedicating) cores to the VM - but you've only got 4 cores so it's more difficult to balance CPU requirements between unRAID (plus Dockers) and the VM.  You might want to play with not pinning the cores or be realistic about how much work you expect the VM to be able to do, and whether you can run it during transcodes, etc.  You should also consider RAM - VMs need enough to work and there's at least 1GB overhead associated with enabling virtualization.


So bottom line - plenty of CPU to handle unRAID but if you add the VM it depends on what you want to do, what your expectations are.  BTW I'm assuming your motherboard handles VT-x, but most do.


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