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I have a share named "Private".  It's set to "Export: Yes (hidden)" with "Security: Private".  I have set up a user with Read/Write access to this share.  When I try to mount the share in Windows I always get "\\Tower\Private is not accessible..." after providing my user name and password.  If I change the Security from "Private" to "Secure" I can then mount the share, but that's not what I need; I need the full Read/Write access.  Just for fun, I created a new user account and gave that user full access to the share, but Windows is no happier with that user than the original user.  I have no trouble accessing other shares which are set to "Public".


I'm looking for ideas on what I'm missing or how I can go about debugging this.


Update: I just tried logging into Tower as my user, rather than "root".  I got an error message saying "Your connection to this site is not private".  Is this a clue (and if it is, what does it mean)?

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