A quick hello from a new trial user!


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Hey guys, what's up?!


First post here, but I've been reading through a little bit and really love the community here.


A little history about myself. Historically speaking, I've always been a promoter of some other free alternatives, even if it came to using a windows with like, you know, volume licensing.


While I don't mind supporting some projects financially, when I do, you can be damn sure that the software has impressed me.


Well, I've only been using unraid for about 2 weeks but I'm proud to say I'm totally on board. I think this software is worth every penny, and I have no problems supporting such a project. In fact, being that "IT" guy everyone goes to when they need something set up, I've now got a handful of people on board that now want to incorporate unraid into their Home theatre systems as well.


So just wanted to say thanks to the Unraid team for all your hard work, and everyone else involved in the different plugins and apps that help make unraid such an awesome (and functional) piece of software.


Now to figure out the best way to roll out this software on all the various systems I have. Let the fun begin!


Thanks again!

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he does tell you everything you really need to know.  but sometimes you will have to watch it over and over again because you might miss subtle things.  


things i learned

1.USB audio is spotty at best in unraid.  save yourself the headache and do usb passthrough.  mileage still may vary though.  usb audio can be real head scratchers sometimes.  

2. ASMedia usb controllers are evil (or at least the ones i've worked with).  simpler to use asmedia controllers only for booting unraid.  

3. SSD's are essential if you plan on using your VM's as a normal windows PC.  i tried on platters and it just took forever to do anything.  probably is fine on VNC or linux or something more efficient but thats my experience.

4.  there are never enough pci-e slots and usb ports.  


good luck.  

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Welcome to your new Insanity. I've setup systems before, but unRAID allows me to keep tweaking and adding and I sware I'm always done until I have to try one more thing. Lol


Also don't ever ever ever believe yourself when you say. "I only need this much space XXXXXX" Next thing you know your looking for another case to fit another hard drive or your find yourself looking at prices so you can swap out smaller drives for larger ones. xD


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