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Linux OpenVPN - Issues with upgrade to 2.1.12 now users can't connect

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Hello, I've been using OpenVPN really well via PC and Iphone and worked really well. I recently did the upgrade to the latest version  2.1.12  and since then I cannot connect to VPN from any device.



I'm able to log in and download the user profile for the user & I'm able to log in as admin and configure the VPN server, but I'm not able to connect using an of the profiles


local auth failed: password verification failed: auth/authlocal:42,web/http:1609,web/http:750,web/server:127,web/server:134,xml/authrpc:110,xml/authrpc:164,internet/defer:102,xml/authsess:50,sagent/saccess:86,xml/authrpc:244,xml/authsess:50,xml/authsess:103,auth/authdelegate:308,util/delegate:26,auth/authdelegate:237,util/defer:224,util/defer:246,internet/defer:190,internet/defer:181,internet/defer:323,util/defer:246,internet/defer:190,internet/defer:181,internet/defer:323,util/defer:245,internet/defer:102,auth/authdelegate:61,auth/authdelegate:240,util/delegate:26,auth/authlocal:42,util/error:61,util/error:44


btw - I'm using Local for password saves. I have SSHed and updated the admin passsword. And after I noticed issues with users, I've SShed and tried to re-do user passwords (just incase the local save had deleted passwords during the upgrade)


ANy guidance please?


Cheers, Julian

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1 hour ago, huntjules said:

 2.1.12  and since then I cannot connect to VPN from any device.

Assuming that you're using the linuxserver docker application, peruse the last couple pages of the support thread.  One of the updates killed the existing configuration.

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