$45 ITX Board CPU Combo PassMark = 2500


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Just thought id let others know of this cheap motherboard.. if you are like me and direct play everything but sometimes watch from a phone when out and about then this will handily transcode a single 1080p stream just tested transcoding 20Mbps to 8Mbps and had no issues.. the onboard SATA seems nice and fast(still need to do extensive testing) so far im quite happy with it, network performance also seems good.

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On 11/16/2017 at 9:03 PM, veezer said:

Do you know what the idle power of this board is?

sorry missed this one... while I cannot tell you the idle power of just the board I can tell you my system after 4 weeks of use averaged to 49.5 Watts always being on.


My system has this board/cpu, 3 case fans, a 400 Watt PSU, 2 WD Red's, and 1 SSD and we Direct Play everything so thats more or less at Idle power usage with HD spun up.


So doing some reasonable math the CPU/Board at idle uses 30 Watts

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