6.4.0_rc14 Hard Drive Errors

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One of the hdds in my array is showing 464 errors. Diagnostics and Smart Report are attached, can anyone help me out with what I should do? The errored drive is a 3-yr-old drive from my old system which I pre-cleared before adding to the array, been in the array a couple of weeks.




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SMART looks mostly fine but Raw_Read_Error_Rate it's non zero, that's never a good sign on WD disks, and the syslog errors are more consistent with a disk error.


I'd run an extended SMART test, if it passes replace cables just to rule them out and keep an eye on it, any more errors replace it.

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9 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

I'd run an extended SMART test, if it passes replace cables just to rule them out and keep an eye on it, any more errors replace it.

Thanks for the help. Extended test (report attached) failed with:

# 1  Extended offline    Completed: read failure       50%     28803         4018645416

I take it this means it needs replaced?


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3 minutes ago, Rick Gillyon said:

Thanks. It'll take a few days for the replacement to get here, what's the safest way to operate in the meantime? I'd prefer the array not to use that disk, but retain the data. If I spin it down will it serve the data from parity until the new disk goes in?

Simply spinning the disk down is not enough.


What you can do is the following:

  • Stop the array
  • Unassign the disk in question
  • Start the array.  unRAID will tell you the missing drive is being 'emulated' using the combination of the other drives plus parity.
  • You can continue to operate as if the disk was present (i.e. both reading and writing), but you will no longer be protected against data loss if another disk fails.

When the replacement disk arrives:

  • Stop the array
  • Assign the replacement disk
  • Start the array.    This will cause a rebuild to happen which will bring the replacement disk to match the emulated one.   Once the rebuild is complete your array  will once again be in a protected state.
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On 11/28/2017 at 2:21 AM, Rick Gillyon said:

So you have a brand new, tested drive waiting? I'll have to think about that when I've recovered from the pain of buying this one. It just seems wrong to have a warranty running down with the gear not being used.

Yep I have the following cold spares precleared and ready to insert in my unRAID arrays (note the plural there):

8TB WD Red non-pro, 4TB HGST cool spin (non-NAS), 6TB WD Red non-pro, 5TB Toshiba, 6TB HGST NAS & 4TB WD Red non-pro. 

This way I don't need to shut down for an extended period just minutes.  I just pop in the replacement and buy a new drive to preclear and become the new cold spare.


The 6TB WD Red non-pro is a waist at this point because that server is in the process of being converted to 8TB WD Red drives.  But I have the 6TB available from when it was composed of 6TB and 4TB Red drives.  The 4TB drives were replaced with half that many 8TB drives when I bought 8 drives at once last May. The only array drives I don't have a cold spare match for on my servers is 3TB toshiba.  Those could become 5TB toshibas potentially but I'm really thinking I might just go to 8TB HGST NAS drives instead.

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