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I often use a Root Share on Unraid and use my Windows 10 with my dual panel FreeCommander file manager to manage my Unraid shares. See the link here to the video from SpaceinvaderOne.




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+1, that's the most blatant feature lacking when you want to switch from, let's say, Synology DSM or Qnap QTS operating systems, Filebrowser in docker is too much limited (no permissions editor). Even Truenas is planning a file browser in a -not so near- future release of Scale:
So, please, I know it's a lot of work but it would be really great.

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I have doublecmd (double commander) in a container, and connect to it from a linux or a windows console with xming.

It allows me to manage files among different unraid servers (mounted network drives mapped on the unraid host, added as volumes to the container)

It's like mc, but it allows queing of copy/move/delete/... actions into different queues.


it's a miniproject by some russian dude (I think), but it's something that I've been using for years now, managing multiple nasses.

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Yes, this is the most useful feature that lacking right now, yes I use docker and mc, mc can only support some basic op, none of these come close to Synology or even Qnap.


When I control 2 of my NAS( one DS918+ and one unraid) from remote location, I truly feel how a simple file manager set 2 OS apart, the experence is not even at same level:


I can easily serach, copy, cut and past 1000+ files in DSM via a nice web UI,  with all the files transfer happening in the local machine itself, turn off my laptop and go to sleep.


in unraid it's nearly impossible, at lest I can't find a way to do that. 



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