Is there any timeframe for the official Release from 6.4?

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i am asking this question because i want to start with drive encrytion and this starts with 6.4 (if i am right - because i new with unraid). And actual it Looks like there is no inplace Option to Change from non encrypted to encrypted. So do you have a plan for the Release from 6.4?

The reason why i want to use it, is if a device goes broken i want sent it to vendor for guarantee repair. (i have started with WD Gold 12 TB and thy are cheap) And i have realy bad feeling to do this with all of my Family Pictures unencrypted.

I know i can use a encrypted Container but i want to do a automatic sync from my synology, the unraid is the second backup.

Or do you have an addon to secure a volume not the complete Disc, that could also help?


Many thanks and greatings from Germany


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A nice feature of unRAID is the capability to recover data from any array-drive on any PC that can read ReiserFS respectively XFS. This comes in handy if your array breaks e.g. due to multiple drive losses and you can't recover through parity.

In a classical RAID scenario, all of your data would be gone.


Encrypting the drives will make things more complicated.
Also data recovery tools need to be taylored specifically for this task.
Not sure if it's worth the effort.


1. Given, the drives are in the backup machine, they won't run very long.
2. Assuming they made it through the preclear (2 or 3 passes) they will most probably not fail on you during warranty period.


Just for your consideration.

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The flash device is always unencrypted, and allows unRAID to boot any time (unlike systems with bitlocker used on the boot device). As long as the disk in question can be unlocked, a repair tool can be run.

I am not sure though what happens if the encryption header gets corrupted. Perhaps LUKS has some repair for that?


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It certainly depends on the severity of the issue.

Things that unRAID can fix are probably the lesser problem.

I was thinking of the "fix outside" scenario.

Anyway, no need to argue about that.

Just wanted to express my concerns about encryption when it comes to "unexpected behavior".

One should check the tools, methods and precautions that are available/recommended before going that path.

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I have just asked the question, because it is implemented in the beta. Actual for me with my acutal RAD5 in my synology i have no Problem that someone can recover data from, because the get only parts of the data. With unraid this is completly different.

Also i am working in a datacenter and we have nearly every week broken devices. So it could work fine for years or also it can be broken early. It depends a Little on the vendor if you are using seagate you have to sent in more disks with HGST it is less.

But in my Synology in the first year one WD red was broken, all others are running fine since 5 years and i normal never sinn down the disks. That means it could happen.

I would go with encryption or a Folder encrytion. Even if i have the risk that i loose everythink. Also my PCs are running with bitlocker if possible, i dont want to find my private data in any web Portal  ;-)



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On 12/11/2017 at 4:53 PM, bonienl said:

I am not sure though what happens if the encryption header gets corrupted. Perhaps LUKS has some repair for that?

LUKS has support for making a backup of the header data, and in the majority of cases it's recommended to create a header backup.


The disadvantage with having a header data is that it isn't enough to wipe the LUKS header on the disk to block recovery - all backup copies must also be located and destroyed.

But few people have the kind of information where it's important to be able to wipe the acccess to all their data within a second.

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