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i have one question regarding the USB Stick discussion for unraid Software. USB Sticks a normal very cheap and that is why they are also the most of the time produced with cheap commoditys. Sometimes that results in a early fault.

And for my NAS starting device i want to use the best USB Stick i can find.

In my research i find out, the USB Sticks with SLC memory technology are much more safty than the normal one with a MLC technology.

I have found a company that build USB Sticks with that SLC Technology. (I hope it is allowed to write a URL inside a post).


I have asked them the question regarding a serial number inside their USB Sticks, and up now they do not do it, but they told me that they have think about it in the past and it is possible, if they see a use case.


The use case could be unraid and they told me that it could be interessting for them.


They have asked me if unraid only needs a serial number or also a GUID (Global Unique Identifyer).

I am not sure in that questions. Up to now i have only read the unraid needs a individual serial number, that is something they can produce but a GUID is not so easy. But i have also find some informations that some vendors are on a black list, is this because the GUI?


Can you help me with this question?

Maybe it is also interesting for some of you.




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i have found why i was asking about the Serial Number, but if i read it again and completly, i think it was a misinterpretation from my side.

I have read this.

"There are a number of USB Flash devices that do not have a valid serial number and can not be registered:"

It is posted here


But above this you are pointing out  ....your flash device must contain a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) .....


I was my fault, i only remember the Phrase with the Serial number in my mind.


Thanks again,


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No worries :)


Given the limited number of writes to the flash drive during normal use I don’t think SLC vs MLC will actually make a difference. That said, I would expect a better designed drive with quality components to be more reliable (and more expensive) than a really cheap one.


So far I’ve use models recommended by Limetech and been lucky enough to not have one fail. Failure wouldn’t be a major inconvenience to me actually, thanks to the automated key replacement process. I would just grab a replacement drive (they’re cheap so I already have an extra), restore the most recent backup and be up and running within minutes.

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