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GPU virtualization (virtio-gpu, virGL, sr-iov, MxGPU, VDI, spice)

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The issue:


At the moment, there is two way to use a 3D application in a VM with unRAID. First way is to passtrough a GPU to it. While this solution is nice and work well if you have only 1 or 2 VM's that need GPU acceleration, it's not ideal when you need multiples accelerated VM's. The second way is to use the intel GVT capabilities, however, the UPT is not super well implemented yet and the graphical power of those IGD are not that great.


The solution:


It would be nice if you could include GPU virtualisation (vGPU) solution, there is more than one solution to achieve this, but I think virtio-gpu and virGL is our best shoot. There is also MxGPU with the AMD GIM driver or Nvidia GRID but it require expensive gpu card to work. 


If virtio-gpu is implemented, it would be nice to see spice implemented as well since its more efficient than a VNC.


Also I might dreaming here, but if there was a way to use one GPU to display more than one VM desktop. Example, if there 3 hdmi output on the card, display the desktop on the VM 1 on the HDM1 and the VM 2 on the HDMI2 and so on. 


Some interestings links :






Regards, Mathieu

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VirGL is now part of Mesa and work with QEMU/KVM. Also spice is already available in KVM with QXL, since it's way faster than VNC, I think it would be a nice feature to add to unRAID. 

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For the Intel GVT-g (mediated virtual GPUs) I think all that is needed is for these modules to be included: kvmgt vfio-iommu-type1 vfio-mdev


I wouldn't ask for a whole web GUI, I'd be happy if I could play around with it editing XML and generating the mediated devices from the command line.

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