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[6.3.5] WebGUI crashes when complex passwords used

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The WebGUI crashed after creating a new user with a complex password like " 93-|Z"P`\0^0zea#?F^X "


How to reproduce:


Creating a user with a complex password


Expected results:


User should be created


Actual results:


WebGUI crashed.



Dec 21 21:07:25 Homeserver emhttp: userPasswordConf not found
Dec 21 21:07:25 Homeserver kernel: emhttp[1653]: segfault at 0 ip 00002b408a33713a sp 00007ffd431f6378 error 4 in libc-2.24.so[2b408a1e8000+1bd000]

after a bit of try and error i noticed with only numbers and lowercase characters all works fine.


Other information:



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I am facing the same issue here, is there a known fix or just numbers and letters instead?



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