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So I bought this motherboard: ASUS - P9A-I/C2750/SAS/4L


On paper it's a great board for UnRAID w/ low power, IPMI, 18 SATA ports, etc. but I can't get the thing to even start the POST process. I turn it on, the power supply fan spins for a couple of seconds and then shuts off. That's it. No video, beeps, or anything. CPU fan doesn't even start. The board is getting some power because the power LED is on and so is the LED indicating IPMI activity. 


This reviewer says the board is sensitive to power and wouldn't start until he switched from 650w power supply to a 150w one. Apparently the board doesn't provide enough load and the power supply shuts down automatically.


I'm connecting to a Corsair CX430 which I suspect is running into the same issue. I should mention that i'm testing with memory from the motherboard's approved list and only have 1 drive connected.


Has anyone gotten this board to work? If so, what power supply?


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