Damaged USB Affecting Performance?

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Hi Guys:


So I rebooted my server and it wouldn't come back up. I hooked up a monitor and saw that it was freezing on Bizroot.I Formatted the disk and reinstalled copying my config back over. The server came up fine.  A few days later started acting wonky again. Other machines would constantly lose connection while copying files. I rebooted again and it didn't come back up. I could ssh into the server and issue a reboot command and it would respond but never went down.


After some research and for whatever reason, I thought the USB drive might be bad and so I got a new USB Drive and requested a new key. The server is working great, keeping all connections and is, in fact, running faster than it has in a long time.


Just curious but...  I thought that once the server was up, it didn't need the key anymore. Why would a bad key affect performance so much if the server was already booted? It was obviously trying to access something on the key which kept causing it to freeze up all the time.


Just curious - thanks, guys.

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