My docker made hardlinks from cache disk to share.. how to fix?

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I am using Unradid 6.3.5 with dockers Plex, Sonarr, and Deluge.

I've always had Sonarr move the file that Deluge completed, and in order for that to work i put the download folder inside my Media share so it really was instantanious (within same share / disks).

This worked really well, no hard links involved.


Fast forward to last week, when i decided to break improve this by storing downloads in a dedicated Downloads share thats set to Prefer cache disk.

(in hindsight, i remember the gain was minimal because the new downloads stored in that Media share still used the Cache disk upto 24 hours before the mover kicked in)


Question 1:

My first mistake was that i somehow had Sonarr (and Radarr) use Hard Links, instead of move or copy. I mounted the Sonarr docker /media to /mnt/user/Media/ ..and on this forum i read now that hard links are not supported. So i'd like to undo the mess i made.

How to get rid of these? Can i just delete stuff from /mnt/cache/ and have the "other" link survive?


Question 2:

What would be the best way to have dockers for Deluge and Sonarr work together, but have Deluge not download to my Media share?


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11 minutes ago, barrystaes said:

How to get rid of these? Can i just delete stuff from /mnt/cache/ and have the "other" link survive?

This statement made my spidey sense tingle. Are you aware that files in /mnt/user/media and /mnt/cache/media are actually the same file, not hard linked? The FUSE file system creates a combined view of all the root folders on disk1,2,etc and the cache drive and presents it under /mnt/user


It's not entirely clear what the paths are in your example, but doing file operations that combine /mnt/diskX or /mnt/cache and /mnt/user is a good way to lose data if you don't understand what is going on behind the scenes.

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22 hours ago, jonathanm said:

my spidey sense tingle


Exactly. I understand that /mnt/user/ combines /mnt/disk1/ /mnt/disk2/ and /mnt/cache/ as one view.


My Linux foo is not that strong .. how can i find the Hard Links in my entire drives/shares? These are between different folders on potentially different disks..

Manually looking in every folder combination by running

find . -samefile /path/to/file 

is a lot of work.


And ... can the dockers even create hard links between two Shares ? Since its not recommended by Lime Technology on this forum, but dockers might try anyway.

(so far nothing broke yet, and i would like to keep it this way..) ;)

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