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Cant format new cache drive on 6.4.0

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I dont know if the 6.4.0 upgrade has anything to do with it, but thought I'd mention it just in case...


Just upgraded to 6.4.0, and while it was down, I installed a 512gb Intel SSD for a cache drive..

I've never used a cache drive before, but have recently upgraded my drives to a smaller number of larger capacity disks, and thought it might be good for performance..

The drive shows up, I set the cache pool to one slot, and selected the SSD, and start the array.  It says the cache drive is "Unmountable:  No File System".  Under FS, it shows vFAT.  


Down below, I have an "Unmountable disk present" and click the box to allow it to be formatted, and I click format.  It says it starts the format, but after about 10 seconds, it refreshes the web page, and goes back to the original status of just showing it as unmountable..  I've cycled through trying to format it several times, and it consistently does the same thing.  I've SSH'd to the server and created a new partition table, then rebooted the server to try to fix it, but I get the same thing..


This is a brand new SSD.


Am I doing something wrong, or is this something strange in the new 6.4.0?  I could downgrade if needed..



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vFAT isn't a supported filesystem, probably an error from a previous release, stop the array, on the main page click on cache, change filesystem to auto, start the array, format cache, if it still fails grab and post your diagnostics.

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Thanks.  That looks like it worked..  The magic was that I didn't know to click on the word "cache" before.. had no idea there was an underlying menu there.  After seeing that the format to BTRFS and formatting again went as fast as before, it seems that "auto" must have been working, but just set the FS to vFAT as it already was.  (It was already set to "auto", so I switched to BTRFS instead of Auto)


Thanks!!  I look forward to seeing how much better my writes are now that I'll be going to SSD!



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