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whats the difference between /mnt/cache/appdata and /mnt/user/appdata? Should I be using one over the other for storing my container config directories?


I've been using /mnt/cache/appdata for my containers, but if I need to switch over to the other is it safe to just point my container to the other location without affecting any existing config/settings?

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On 1/22/2018 at 6:41 PM, Nem said:


thanks. if theres essentially no difference, whats the reason for leaving it in /mnt/cache ?

For me, my cache drive is an SSD, so I that's where I keep all my app data and dockers. I don't see any reason to have that on a spinner. I just have it scheduled to backup daily.

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4 minutes ago, Nem said:

oh I see, is /mnt/user pointing to a place on the storage array, and doesnt include the cache drive?


Not quite


/mnt/user/$share = /mnt/disk1/$share + /mnt/disk2/$share + /mnt/cache/$share


/mnt/user0/$share = /mnt/disk1/$share + /mnt/disk2/$share

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