Unraid gui through reverse proxy


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Id like to be able to access the unraid webgui via reverse proxy now that unraid 6.4 has letsencrypt SSL certs


I'd like to navigate to www.web.com/admin and be able to access the gui, but unraid doesnt have an option for adding a base url


Im currently using this:


    location ^~ /admin {
        include /config/nginx/proxy.conf;


unraid isn't expecting to see /admin so nothing loads. Is there a way to add /admin to the target url even though unraid doesnt allow for customizing the base url it uses?

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That is pretty interesting, Nginx actually rewrites html on the fly to use the subdirectory. I can see how that would work for a static site, but I don't see how it could account for all the ways that javascript might construct urls. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable using that feature on the unRAID webgui, if it misses something the effects could be severe.

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