kworker PID 8485 causing 100% usage on single core

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I am new to unraid since building a setup over Christmas.  Over the last week or so I have noticed that after the system is up for awhile I end up getting a single core stuck at 100%.  It will alternate between cores but always stays pegged at 100%.  I have also noticed I have had issues stopping the array or rebooting and believe this is what has been causing the hangup.  Using top I see that its caused by kworker and I have tried using the kill PID (using 8485 for the PID) and it does nothing.  I have attached my diagnostics and would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me.


P.S. I did have the dynamix cache directories plugin active but in my early troubleshooting I saw other in the forum stating they felt this plugin may be causing similar symptom I am having so I have it disabled and I still had this issue occur.





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