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Added SATA hard drive showing up as /dev/hdc

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I added an additional hard drive (1.5 TB WD EARS drive, the one where you have to put the jumper over pins 7 & 8, at least according to what I've read on these forums).


All of my previous drives have been going to /dev/sd* - but this one decided to be /dev/hdc.  I do have one other device that's /dev/hdd and that's my cache drive which is connected via IDE, all the other drives are SATA.  Isn't that what determines if it's sd or hd - if it's via SATA or IDE?  Is the fact that this new disk showed up as HD something for concern?


Here's my disks (as shown by unmenu):


Array Disk Status
Status	Disk	Mounted	Device	Model/Serial	Temp	Reads	Writes	Errors	Size	Used	%Used	Free
OK	parity		/dev/sda	00Z_WD-WMAVU1172726	28°C	56	24					
OK	/dev/md1	/mnt/disk1	/dev/sdc	00P_WD-WMAVU0907828	29°C	8013	9		1.50T	1.44T	96%	64.56G
OK	/dev/md2	/mnt/disk2	/dev/sdb	00P_WD-WCAVU0027475	30°C	178747	15		1.50T	794.31G	53%	705.94G
	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	Total:	3.00T	2.23T	74%	770.50G
Device	Model/Serial	Mounted	File System		Size	Used	%Used	Free
/dev/sdd	usb-Ut165_USB2FlashStorage_00000000000327-0:0	/boot	vfat		4.03G	247.22M	7%	3.79G
Cache Drive
Device	Model/Serial	Mounted	File System	Temp	Size	Used	%Used	Free
/dev/hdd1	WDC_WD800JD-75MSA2_WD-WMAM9W629483	/mnt/cache	reiserfs	22°C	80.00G	385.06M	1%	79.61G
Drive Partitions - Not In Protected Array
Device	Model/Serial	Mounted	File System	Temp	Size	Used	%Used	Free
/dev/hdc	WDC_WD15EARS-00MVWB0_WD-WMAZA0348956			27°C	1500.3G			
/dev/hdd	WDC_WD800JD-75MSA2_WD-WMAM9W629483			22°C	80.0G			


My syslog (fresh boot from when I added the drive) is attached.  Any advice or corrections to my understanding would be much appreciated!


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It is because you've set your BIOS to have it emulate an IDE drive.


Set the BIOS to AHCI and it will show properly.

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That was indeed the problem - thanks!


Interestingly enough, all the sata ports were set to IDE instead of AHCI, but only the final two were actually coming up as IDE.

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