Use USB Drobo as a backup?


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I have a Drobo S that I've been using for years as a NAS connected to my Mac server. I've but for my unRAID server all setup and the files transferred from the Drobo and an wondering about connecting there Drobo directly to the unRAID server and use it as another backup (I have other backups). 


Is anyone doing this?  It's currently formatted to hsf but I'm assuming I'll need to format it to ext3 (I don't believe 4 is supported in the Drobo)



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In theory your USB-connected Drobo should appear as an unassigned device on the Main page of the unRAID GUI, just like any other USB-connected disk. If you haven't already installed the Unassigned Devices plugin you might find it useful for formatting the device and then mounting and sharing it. I have a Drobo but it's a network-attached model 5N, so I can't test this myself. I see no obvious reason why it won't work though. You'll lose the Drobo Dashboard, of course, but you'll still have the coloured lights on the front of the unit to warn you of any problems.

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