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SOLVED - /var/log getting full error

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Hi, I have recently started to get the following error show in 'Fix Common Problems'


'/var/log is getting full (currently 81 % used)' 


Either your server has an extremely long uptime, or your syslog could be potentially being spammed with error messages. A reboot of your server will at least temporarily solve this problem, but ideally you should seek assistance in the forums and post your diagnostics


I've attached the diagnostics file, if someone is able to help?


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1 minute ago, chrishorton7 said:

thanks have disabled, anything I need to clear now that is disabled?

Reboot or leave it as it is.

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53 minutes ago, whatdoesthisbuttondo said:

Hi I've also received this notification, the problem is that it has cropped up only after my server has been up for 1day 47min!? The mover logging has been disabled this whole time as well?

The first step is to look at the log to see exactly what is spamming the log. Without knowing the log content, it isn't possible to suggest suitable actions.


But you really should create your own threads.

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9 minutes ago, whatdoesthisbuttondo said:

Ok will do, wasn't sure how the community feels about post spamming.


One new thread per user problem isn't post spamming. It's common that the same symptoms may result from completely different causes, which makes it hard to follow threads where multiple people tries to get help at the same time.


It's when the same user creates multiple threads for the same issue that people gets a bit upset since it results in multiple persons spending time answering the same question without knowing someone else has already answered.

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