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Hi all,


I've been using unraid for awhile, and my system hums along pretty well with common uses of Plex and 9 or so docker containers.  Lately I've been wondering if my cache drive configuration is optimal, I originally set it up when btrfs was first enabled after running Plex off a plug-in forever.  So originally I used a single cache drive, but that caused issues when mover, Plex and nzbget were all running at the same time and seemed to be fighting for IOps.  So I configured a single cache drive that is used for mover and nzbget activities with a symbols link to a separate unassigned btrfs raid 1 array of two other SSDs housing the actual docker containers and the docker app configurations.  That array is mounted via the go script at bootup.  This is all with the intent of having some redundancy of actual configs and not a huge deal if some bins are lost off the primary cache. 


Mygoal is to simplify this and just use a standard unraid configuration without the separate mounts... Is there a better way now to do this? How would I without any IOPs contention?  Btrfs raid5?  



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