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[6.4.1] SMART data "identity" attributes shared across Unassigned Devices

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16 hours ago, tjb_altf4 said:

Noticed today as I finished changing the mobo/chipset on my server, that there is a spot to enter drive warranty and purchased date info in SMART attribute area, thought this would be good for ease of record keeping and future reporting. (not sure if this is attached to device, or something handy unRAID has tacked on)

However when it came to unassigned devices, these attributes seem to be shared across all UD devices.


Although not by any means a high priority, it would be nice if this was simple/quick to resolve.


14 hours ago, dlandon said:

That functionality is a part of unRAID and not the UD plugin.  You will need to request that of LT.



As per my posts above, looking to see if a fix can be made as unassigned devices SMART (identity, user set) attributes seem to be shared across all UD devices i.e. you set it for one and it changes other devices attributes (Manufacturing date, Date of purchase and Warranty Period).


Array devices seem unaffected by the issue.


Before I realised there was a Defect Report forum, I had posted in support where @wgstarks had seen the same issue.

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