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No Mouse?

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I saw one other thread from some time ago suggesting this was a Chrome problem, but I get it in IE also.


Am I just doing something wrong here, or do you guys have an issue seeing the mouse in the "VNC Remote"?


Mine is a linux VM, if that matters (I don't have any Windows VMs so can't say if it is the same).

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I have the same problem using Chrome. Haven't tried anything else.



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I just started getting this issue today. Using Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Using RDC though it does work.


I can still move around just cannot see the pointer. When I go to devices I see the mouse as a 'Tablet'. I believe it believe I have a touch screen.

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I'm having this issue as well using noVNC on Chrome and Firefox in all VMs. Edge doesn't even load strangely. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

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Has anyone found a fix for this yet? I just upgraded my rig so I could use vms and it is so painful without a pointer

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I found a small workaround with my Kali VM in Firefox.


1: Open the VNC remote. It opens in a new window. At this point I have no cursor.

2: Close this window.

3: Use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N to restore to previously closed window.

The cursor appear!


The laptop I'm using has touchscreen. On other computers the VM does not have this issue.

Hope it can help someone...

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