Would this be a worthy Upgrade!

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Guys I have 2 Supermicro SC846 SAS 2-  24 bay hot swap machines - I am currently running only one and the thought originally was too have a backup. for now the backup financially will have to wait. 

I am wondering if i will have a noticeable performance upgrade for Plex and possible Vm's later -  for reading and writing to the Dual Xeon server setup?

More Cores and Ram and a little bump in GHZ seems too me that its a No brainer:D  your thoughts?


My current system

Chassis -SC846 - SAS 2 Backplane

MB - AsRock - Z97 Extreme 6 

CPU - Intel I7-4790K @ 4.00GHZ

Ram - 32GB Patriot 2400mhz Ram

NIC - Mellanox 10gbe network card

Sata Expander - LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2008 PCI-Express

HD - 20 drives and (2) SSD Cache drive pooled.


Upgrade to this system?

Chassis -SC846 - SAS 2 Backplane

MB - SuperMicro - X9DRL-3F/IF

CPU - Dual Xeon E5-2665 @ 2.40GHZ

Ram - 64GB - Samsung DDR3 ECC

NIC - Use from Current System - Mellanox 10gbe network card

Sata Expander - Use from Current System LSI Logic / Symbios Logic SAS2008 PCI-Express

HD - Use from Current System 20 drives and (2) SSD Cache drive pooled.









Current SYS.jpg

Update Too!.jpg

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Sure that is a huge upgrade, you are going from a single quad core CPU to dual eight core CPU's and doubling your RAM. The question is, will you benefit from the upgrade. If your current system is making out in terms of cores and RAM, then sure, an upgrade is warrantied. You can't really upgrade your current hardware beyond where it's at without putting in a new motherboard with more CPU options. What that upgrade is or looks like is totally up to you.

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Thanks kind of what i thought more cores and ram - other than taking a screen shot of the main window for disk identification before moving over the drives etc do you recommend any other tasks before swapping over to the new machine?

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