Motherboard Bluetooth Passthrough UnRaid 6.4 to Windows 10 VM?

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Hi All,


I ran some searches and came up empty - figured it couldn't hurt to ask.


I have recently set up a windows 10 VM on a UnRaid 6.4 machine.  I'm new to VM configuration and the method for passing through peripheral devices is not 100% clear to me.  My motherboard is an Asrock Taichi x370.  It has on-board bluetooth which I would like to use for Logitech Harmony Hub control of my windows VM.  However, I have not been able to figure out how to pass through the Bluetooth to the VM and am not really sure where to start.


Any help would be sincerely appreciated.




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I once bought a BCM94360CS2 and BCM943602CS pci wifi and bluetooth card. Both of their wifi modules use the pci bus and the bluetooth modules use the USB bus. Situation is the same as my Asrock x370 Taichi board, in which case the bluetooth use the USB bus, too.

So I would recommend that you use the following commands to check which usb port / bus it is using and pass the bus / port to the vm. Note that using the vendor id and product id will not work.

lsusb -t




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