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Noah Tatum

Docker macvlan routing | unRAID to containers

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I am running 6.4.1-rc2 right now, and am having issues routing traffic from my unRAID server to the Docker containers that run on it.


I have 4 VLANs setup on my network, with containers on each of them. All my containers are given unique IP addresses. This has been working great, and I can access all of these containers from anywhere except the unRAID server itself.


The only reason I realized this is because I stopped using a VM for my DNS server and moved it to a container. After this, everything was still able to utilize the DNS server, except for the unRAID server.


I'm sure I'm in the minority with all the VLANs, but even so, I'd think this should be possible.


If anyone has experience, it'd be much appreciated.

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First I recommend you upgrade to the official 6.4.1 release.


With this release you create your VLANs without IP assignment (see network settings), this prevents unRAID participating directly. Next on the docker settings page (with docker stopped and advanced view) you set the network assignments for each VLAN you want to use for your docker containers.


The above approach will allow a container to talk to the unRAID host system, but keep in mind that communication runs via your router and this device must ensure the proper routing.


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@bonienl, thanks for the guidance!


I did what you said, and I'm now on 6.4.1 official.


I saw in settings how I no longer have to assign IP Addresses in the network settings (see picture below "network.png")


As far as the docker settings, I'm a bit confused. Do I want to enable custom networks or no? My goal is to have all of these containers behave like mini-VMs and work through the router and only live on unRAID. (see picture below "docker.png")


Thank you.



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If you want to use VLAN 30 for your docker containers, you would need to enable it (br.30) under Docker settings and assign a network + gateway, optionally you can set a DHCP pool.


E.g.  address =,  gateway =,  DHCP pool =


The above will hand-out IP addresses and up for containers with automatic assignments, or if you can specify a static IP address,  use  up to .127


Do the same for VLAN 40, but use a different network, e.g.

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Amazing.. I did not know the "none" drop down option existed in 6.4.1.  Thank you so much for that!  I can now drop use my own LE cert internally for unRAID thru the let's encrypt container.  (don't worry only allowing access on internal subnets)


I assume that is still in the 6.5rcs?

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