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Dealing with unclean shutdowns

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47 minutes ago, jonathanm said:

That sounds like something @limetech ought to at least investigate.


Thanks. I thought I'd ask because it seems so obvious and repeatable that I thought it might just be a "feature". I'd file a bug report if I could. I'm getting a 404 error at the moment though - already mentioned in the "Welcome to unraid.net" thread.

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Thanks for this guide there was some information that I didn't know for example if you have a terminal window open what causes a unclean shutdown. 

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7 hours ago, MvL said:

terminal window open what causes a unclean shutdown. 

only if it's working directory is /mnt/user/...


But you can also install the StopShell app to have it close out any terminal sessions during a shutdown procedure

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I've had to do a couple "power off shutdowns". A problem with the ethernet port of the supermicro mobo, rendered

the server unavailable via the normal admin webpage or SSH/telnet. It's a big Norco array of 20 disks, so at some point

I just had to "flip the switch". A few other attempts to re-establish connectivity similarly failed.


I then did a mobo replacement, so now the ethernet config file for the unraid kernel needs to be changed (I'll use nano on a raspberry pi to

do this-reset to default on the USB stick). What should I do or expect when the machine boots? I don't have backups, so if the array comes

up damaged, I don't want to do  more damage. What are the recommendations for recovering raid integrity at this point?

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It should just boot up and recognize your disks assuming your flash drive is OK. You can just delete config/network.cfg and it will create a new default one. You might edit config/disk.cfg to turn autostart off just so you can check the assignments before starting the array.

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