Dealing with unclean shutdowns

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On 8/31/2021 at 3:51 PM, trurl said:

What have you already tried that was discussed in this thread you have posted in?

at this moment manually before soft reboot the server

- stopped the two VM:s before rebooting.

- rebooting with external nvme to usb drive attached and unplugged 

- unmount smb shares

- stopped dockers

- increased the timer in  Settings->Disk Settings->Shutdown time-out to: 420s

- increased VM shutdown time-out: 300s


at the moment i am doing a Parity-Sync / data rebuild from this morning when i have to replace an old data drive so i am unable to try to reboot at the moment.

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parity rebuild completed manually stopped the vms and dockers.

one docker was not possible to stop and forced the array to not be put offline.

for future knowledge it was a docker that i added from github rep that manage the HBA Card Adaptec 71605.

i only use this to monitor the temp of the card.

hard rebooted and stopped the docker from autostart.


now been trying a cuple of shutdown and reboot attempts and everything seems ok.



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