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FS: Norco 4020 unraid setup

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Just add Hard drives, and an unraid license/flash drive.


Asking $250.   I can meet up anywhere in the Metro Detroit area (within 50 miles of zip 48111), or anywhere along the i75 corridor between Detroit and Cincinnati (I make that drive at least once a month for work)


This is a used setup.


If I recall correctly, one of the drive bays didn't work.  I think it was a backplane or cabling problem.  It's obvious in that it just doesn't work...so consider this to be a 19 drive system or take some time and try to fix what's wrong (probably something simple, but I really don't know).


Also included in this setup:

ABit AB9 PTO motherboard

2 GB DDR2-800 RAM

PowerPC and cooling Silencer 750 EPS12v Quad power supply (was enough to power 18 drives+ in this system)

Intel CPU (honestly, I can't remember what CPU is in this guy--I can probably fire it up and see if you'd like--but it works)

1x Supermicro AOC-saslp-MV8 Sas/SATA card with breakout cables for 8 SATA drives

Total of 19 drive bays connected to SATA controllers (between the 8 on the Supermicro, and 11 on the motherboard.

All 7 Fans appear to be working, but are used--easy to replace if there's any issue there


Also to note, I seem to be missing ONE of the hot plug drive trays (I guess to go with the one slot that doesn't work)...I have it here somewhere and If I find it before delivery I'll add it (and I'll update this listing if I find it)


I know the motherboard, ram and CPU are several generations old at this time, but this system manages unraid just fine!   Probably not the best for lots of Dockers or KVM's due to limited ram and CPU cores (that's why I upgraded)


Let me know if you have any questions.  This system is pretty much ready to go!






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