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I was running 6.5.0 on a X9CSM motherboard with a E3 1220 V1 CPU, and all was OK.


I have just replaced the CPU with a E3 1230v2, and have checked that I am running V2 BIOS


The motherboard reports the CPU data OK, but on UnRaid the overall and per core CPU usage is now not being reported.


On the previous CPU, the array used to boot straight into Array Started status, with the new CPU there is now a small delay whilst UnRaid reports Mounting Disks and Starting Services?


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Two things.


First, if you have installed any type of popup or adblocker that you 'whitelist' your unRAID server.


Second, what browser are you using?  Is it the latest version?   If possible, try another browser.  (There was some issues a while back with this problem and they were browser related.)

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I use Firefox and it worked OK just before I changed CPU, I haven't installed any popup or ad blockers recently either.


I have just tried Chrome and have the same issue?




I have just noticed that it is the same on my Backup array, using both Firefox and Chrome, it is running 6.5.0 too


So clearly not related to the CPU change, perhaps a 6.5.0 issue?

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