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[Plugin] Corsair PSU Statistics

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Might get to it at some point when I get to that version, feel free to do a PR if you want it sooner.

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works like a charm with my RM850i. awesome plugin.

would be great if you got it into the CA too. then fix common problems plugin wont show the error anymore. (silenced it)

maybe as a followup. make it compatible with the watercooling AIO's??


defo a must have plugin for corsair PSU users.

great work

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Credits to github/notaz for taking the time to reverse engineer the USB messages. Feel free to publish it on CA. Not sure what you mean by "make it compatible with the watercooling AIO's"...

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i might do that :D (if i knew how) and the watercooling bit.

the H1xxi series watercooling have usb connectivity aswell. 

read out temps and speeds. maybe even control fans.

sounds a bit over the top but i have the H110i GT AIO watercooler in my server :D


anyways. great plugin

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