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Quick Question 2 parity 1 HD replacement

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Hello Unread Group,


Quick question. My 6 bay drive unpaid system is getting full. I have 2 parity and rest 2 gig drives. All the drives are 2TB. Can i change out 1 parity to maybe a 4TB and add more space. Or do i have to change out both parity drives before adding more space to the the system? For example change out one parity to 4TB parity and leave the other 2 TB and add two more 4TB to the space until i can get the rest. 


Also i will have two unread systems. I will be making a VM for the second just for backup reasons. I already have offsite. But just want to have 3rd fail safe. Is Rsync the best option so if i add stuff to sys1 it will update sys2 also. Allot of you have been a great help with keeping my system stable. 


One more question. Plex had a cloud system to backup photos but it seem they took it away. They have it being backup to drop box but i cant control what folder of pic to gram on my android phone. It just backup all of the pic. What are others using to auto upload your unraid where you can chose what gallery to backup. 


Thank you ahead of time.  

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You'll have to upgrade both parities before you can add larger drives. Take comfort in the fact that you're not getting *nothing* for it, you can put the old parities into service as data disks.

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Ok that makes since. But since the other drive are also 2TB i still need to get bigger drives to add more space.  The old 2TB parity drive will just be old spare if needed. But i understand. Thank you.

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Just clarify, it is not necessary that both parity drives are the same size, just that they are at least as large as the latest data drive.

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