Disk Errors During Rebuild

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Diagnostics File is attached. I was attempting to upgrade my parity drive from a 3TB to 8TB and encountered 384 errors on Disk 4. I ran an extended SMART test which subsequently failed, so i'm expecting I need to look at replacing the drive. The WebGUI shows that parity is valid, but will i be able to successfully rebuild the disk since the errors occurred during the parity rebuild? In retrospect i should have ran a check before upgrading the parity drive, but at least i know i won't make that mistake again.


What should my next steps be?


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Best option would be to use the old parity disk and rebuild disk4, but this would only be possible if the array remained 100% unchanged after the parity upgrade.


If that's not an option, either replace disk4 now, there will be some file corruption since parity isn't 100% valid, but there were only a few errors, so not much, alternatively re-sync parity with a new disk4 and then copy everything you can from the old one, advantage of the latter option is that you'll now which file(s) are bad.

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The array is not 100% unchanged, so that's not an option. I've reviewed the contents of the drive and was able to move the important files to another drive without issue.The items that remain i can replace if needed. 


In this case, i think re-syncing parity with a new disk 4 and then copying everything over is the best approach. How do i add a new disk 4 without a rebuild occurring on it when i start the array? 

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@johnnie.black thanks for your help! I was able to get a clean parity build then mount the old disk with unassigned devices and copy the files back over to the array. Only one file ended up being corrupted. Running another parity check now just to make sure everything is in order.

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