In-Place Encryption

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I believe I remember reading in the first beta that implemented encryption, that there would potentially be a future feature to encrypt an existing disk while keeping all existing data without the need to format it first. Just wondering if this is still on the “near” future road map?


I would really like to encrypt my disks but currently they are pretty filled up and the only semi easy way I am aware of would be to make my only parity drive a data drive to copy all the data off a disk, reformat with encryption the old disk, copy back all the data and repeat for each disk. I would prefer not to do this if there is another option on the horizon. ;)

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Personally, I would hope not.  "In place" anything is fraught with dangers and whenever it's been offered by any other OS for stuff like filesystem change / encryption I've declined as if (just if) something goes wrong (read errors, filesystem errors etc) then you're drive is going to be in somewhat of a limbo state and half converted with basically no recourse.

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