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Hi all,


Hope you some of you can assist me (kinda noob with unraid) :) I am auto mounting two shares from my NAS via Unassigned Devices, but the issue is that my network services are started after UD, which result in my shares not being auto mounted. Can someone please point me in the right direction of loading network before UD?

I have attached diagnostics.




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Since UD mounts at array start (and that can't be adjusted), and unRaid tries to get the network up and running as soon as possible (before array start), but for what ever reason your network isn't ready at the time UD is starting up, your best course of action would be to mount the shares yourself via s script running via user.scripts plugin set to start at array start, with an appropriate delay of a couple of minutes and then issue your own mount command.

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4 minutes ago, mrbrowndk said:


I wouldn't use that though.  If nothing else, FCP will bitch and complain about the mount point being there (and technically anything in there is reserved for unRaid itself).  You're best off for consistency sake to put it into /mnt/disks/Movies.  And add prior to that, some command like sleep 300 to wait before mounting, or add logic to check for network connectivity.


As to the command itself, I'll take your word that its correct.  B|

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