6.5.0 possible issue (at least with my hardware)

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So, I upgraded to 6.5.0 a little while ago, with no immediate issues (had to  mess with some config to get VMs to start but otherwise no big deal).  I upgraded from 6.3.5.


First, I have Plex docker, and two VM's (windows 7 and windows 10).


Fast forward to issues;   I started noticing that my VM which has uTorrent on it (and rss feeds) was having issues, or at least that was the symptom. It seemed that downloads were not finishing, but it thought they were, and was running winrar to extract, which was either failing, or producing a choppy/corrupt file.  I just noticed the missing files or corruptions.   If I did a *check* on the torrent it would find it was only 97% complete and finish it, and THEN the extraction would work.


That was my first symptom, just issues with extracting torrents.


To make a long story hopefully shorter, I started digging around and looking in logs, and saw some corruption in the brfs file system.  I actually posted over here:  



Over there I attached some screen shots, and log files etc, (diagnostic report) showing lots of corruption on the cache drive and I'm guessing my app drive too (cache is a 1TB WD black, app is a samsung SSD 128gb)


So, push come to shove, I decided to try going back to 6.3.5.  I copied the the entire backup I make before upgrading (full zip of the flash drive), and put my cache, and app drive back into their original slots (part of my troubleshooting in the other thread was pulling the app/cache drive and replacing with a 512GB SSD to do both cache/app).  And booted back up.  From there I took the data off the app drive, copied it to the array, then formatted it, and then copied over my one windows VM, and my plex docker.   Got everything back up and running last weekend.  It's now been about a week and I'm not seeing any issues.


During the process of troubleshooting the issues I was having on 6.5.0 I formatted that cache/app drive a couple times. I started fresh with dockers and even a fresh VM install of windows 7.   The install happened "ok" w/o errors, but then when installing SP1 corruption started happening in the logs ended up causing vm manager to stop.


I did run memtest86 for 4 passes (19 hours) no errors, I had reseated all the cables, and ram.  So my only conclusion is there is an issue with maybe brfs/images and 6.5.0 (at least with my hardware).


Hopefully there is enough information in the other thread (attached files) to help diagnose this and/or maybe prove I'm wrong.  I'd really like to get back on the latest unraid, but not if it doesn't work for me.





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